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In this article the author explains what characterizes the theatre of everyday life, trying to analyze the mechanisms of its formation and impact in the context of cultural animation. Deliberations about the theatre of everyday life are set in the theory of cultural animation of the anthropological context, which is based on a holistic vision of the animated individual in the universe of everyday human matters by adopting the attitude characterized by participatory orientation towards partnership relations and subjective interactions. Both, in the animation understood like that, and in the work of the director of the theatre of everyday life, the anthropological approach is necessary that is primarily associated with the anthropology of everyday life which in particular becomes sensitized to the uniqueness of everyday life. The author tries to draw attention to the potential of the theatre of everyday life related to animation in terms of work tools with the participants and the possibility to implement these tools in the animation activities. To admit that the author is right in her thesis, the animation activity is mentioned, which has been realized with students using methods developed by the theatre of everyday life.


theatre theatre of everyday life cultural animation anthropological trend in cultural animation teatr teatr codzienności animacja kultury antropologiczny nurt w animacji kultury

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Kluzowicz, J. (2017). THE THEATRE OF EVERYDAY LIFE IN THE CONTEXT OF ANIMATION ACTIVITIES. Dyskursy Młodych Andragogów/Adult Education Discourses, (18).