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The articles brings up a question about everyday life as a potential matter of work for cultural animator. Its purpose is to take note of the significant role that everyday life may play in the work related to animation. As a standpoint in present reflections, the author takes on cultural animation in an anthropological perspective, the latter being oriented above all to positive identification of the participants of animation activities with her own lifestyle. The article with its theoretical unfolding of the author’s perceptions based on many years of cultural animation research, convinces us to recognize everyday life as a vital value in life and to make everyday life a matter of self-development of an adult as well as betterment of the relation with other members of the society.


cultural animator cultural animation in anthropological perspective everyday life relational art theatre of everyday life animator kultury animacja kultury w perspektywie antropologicznej codzienność relational art teatr codzienności

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Kluzowicz, J. (2016). EVERYDAY LIFE AS A MATTER OF CULTURAL ANIMATOR’S ACTIVITIES. Dyskursy Młodych Andragogów/Adult Education Discourses, (17).