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As life expectancy increases, more attention is being given to the meaning and purpose of later life. This article focuses on the process of adaptation towards old age and recognition of old age as existential and cultural value. The author presents the images of old age in the culture and patterns of building intergenerational bonds. She discusses models of aging presented by artists (poets, writers, filmmakers). The author tries to substantiate a thesis that most older adults want to stimulate their minds and creativity; participating in arts and cultural programs is one way to do this. The participation of the elderly persons in cultural offer improves their quality of life, reduces feelings of loneliness and social isolation and helps to adapt to old age.


culture cultural enrichment old age adaptation towards old age kultura wzbogacanie kulturowe starość adaptacja do starości

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Konieczna, E. (2016). SENIOR IN CULTURE – CULTURE FOR SENIOR. CULTURAL ENRICHMENT OF ELDERLY PEOPLE. Dyskursy Młodych Andragogów/Adult Education Discourses, (17).