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The study is devoted to risky sexual behaviors undertaken by professional drivers. It shows the results of the survey made on the German-Polish border on 90 truck drivers. The questionnaire technique intended to be filled by the respondents was used. It was found that drivers oſten take relatively risky sexual behaviors. This applies in particular to the use of sexual services which are offered to them in the way that is offensive at the parking lots located on motorways and expressways. The scale and manner of the use of sexual services by drivers is fraught with the risk for their sexual health, especially in the context of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. The situation poses a real challenge for counseling and prevention. The authors suggest a number of forms of support which should take into account the nature of the work and their lifestyles, inter alia: “corporation” training, streetworking, developing informational material, launching mobile test points. 


risky sexual behaviors professional drivers sexual services prevention ryzykowne zachowania seksualne kierowcy zawodowi usługi seksualne profilaktyka

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Tabaczuk, A., Wąż, K. ., & Doliński, A. . (2016). RISKY SEXUAL BEHAVIOR OF PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS. THE CHALLENGE FOR COUNSELING AND PREVENTION. Dyskursy Młodych Andragogów/Adult Education Discourses, (17).